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Zakiah and Professor Jenkins: Experiment 1 - Detecting Vitamin C in orange juice
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Zakiah and Professor Jenkins: Experiment 1 - Detecting Vitamin C in orange juice

Join Professor Jenkins's College Prep Chemistry for kids. Learn more about the project: Note* - you will need 3 plastic pipettes (instead of 1). Professor Jenkins is expanding her research to the community to the parents of third, fourth, fifth, and sixth-grade learners. This book guides your child through an actual chemistry research project with Professor Jenkins. The project requires adult supervision and is real research written as a story—a dialogue between Professor Jenkins and Zakiah as they complete the project together. The twist is that you can conduct the same experiment with your child at home! After completing the experiment, you and thousands of children worldwide can submit your results directly to Professor Jenkins. The experiment inside this book is easy to follow and requires only 4 household chemicals: hydrogen peroxide, 2% tincture of iodine, Niagara Spray Starch, and orange juice. These chemicals should be available at your local grocery store or pharmacy. Be on the lookout for the Zakiah and Professor Jenkins Chemistry Kit! A statement from Dr. Jenkins: So, who am I? I am a biophysical chemist and a full Professor of chemistry at an institution in America. During my tenured professorship at Purdue University North Central (now Purdue Northwest), I served as Co-Pi on a multi-million-dollar NSF-funded program designed to recruit and retain youth into the sciences. I have published several research papers with college students. Now, I'm reaching beyond the college campus and taking my research on the road. I want to inspire youth to venture into the world of science. For over 25 years, I've been training young minds in the classroom and the lab. I've even taught K-12, and I believe kids can participate in publishable research! This storybook is my college-prep chemistry for kids. To receive a notification when the chemistry kit, YouTube Channel, and additional experiments are available, sign up via the following: Purchase the book for your child, niece, grandchild - they need this exposure! Purchase the book at: Step-by-step instructions of the Experiment in the book: Overview of the book: YouTube Channel: Website & Events: Contact me at: Request Professor Jenkins to come to a location near you:
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