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Benefits of Earning a STEM Degree: Part 1

STEM education is receiving more and more media attention due to its immense benefits. Back in the 90’s and early 2000’s school counselors pushed for students to attend college, regardless of their major. However, it's been determined that pursuing a STEM degree opens a lot more doors than a degree in a non-STEM field. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. A STEM degree can be in any one of these fields, which consists of an immense number of degrees. Children are more likely to pursue a STEM degree if they are exposed to STEM concepts early in their schooling. Dr. Jenkins with the IRISE Research and Discovery Science initiative is working to bring STEM experiments to classrooms throughout the United States.

Benefits of a STEM Degree

The benefits of receiving a STEM degree are highly underrated. Some of the benefits of a STEM degree include:

1. Higher Lifetime Salary

Immediately after earning a STEM degree, graduates start out earning higher salaries than those who received non-STEM degrees. A STEM degree opens doors for higher earnings opportunities throughout your career. On average, someone with a STEM degree will earn 87% more than those without. Those that earn a bachelor’s degree will earn, on average, $54,000 annually. Those that pursue a STEM degree will earn almost double this amount annually.

Because of the large income disparity between STEM and non-STEM fields, it is imperative that students be exposed to STEM concepts in grade school. Dr. Jenkins at the IRISE Research and Discovery Science project is making STEM accessible to all students. She offers a Vitamin C Project that she bring directly to your classrooms.

2. Increased Career Opportunities

As infrastructure continually improves, jobs in the STEM fields are ever-growing. There has been continual growth in the number of STEM jobs available in the United States. There are not enough students entering the STEM fields, which means that your job prospects are high. It is unlikely that you will be downsized in a STEM field. The wages are also competitive to attract talent to high-grossing jobs.

Join the Vitamin C Project

With the numerous benefits of receiving a STEM degree, all students should be exposed to a STEM education during their formative years. The IRISE Research and Discovery Science initiative is making STEM education easy by bringing the experiments directly to your classrooms. Please contact our office at 678-785-9662 to learn more about the Vitamin C Project.

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