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STEM Education Can End Generational Poverty

STEM education not only provides kids with a solid foundation, but it is also propelling children out of the cycle of poverty. STEM standards for Science, Technology, Education, and Mathematics. STEM education focuses on interdisciplinary approaches to learning which then teaches students critical thinking abilities and boosts creativity and logic skills. These skills are critical for entering into a STEM field in post-secondary school.

Generational poverty occurs when adults do not have access to a high-quality education, so they must go into lower-paying jobs. This leads to the children being raised in poverty, where the cycle starts anew. However, children that receive a STEM education can go into higher-paying jobs as adults. On average, individuals in STEM fields have an annual salary of $87,570 while individuals in non-STEM fields had an annual salary of $45,700. A higher salary and greater opportunities are means for a child to end the cycle of poverty. However, not all schools can financially provide STEM education to their students. This is where Dr. Jenkins with the IRISE Research and Discovery Science aims to bring value.

The Vitamin C Project

Providing students with a quality STEM education in the classroom is easier than ever by partnering with IRISE Research and Discovery Science. We either train your teachers on how to perform the experiment during a 1-day workshop or we can bring our scientists directly to your classroom. We provide all the materials to complete the experiment and to make the STEM experiment into a valuable learning experience for your students.

Our scientists are located nationwide. We can replicate this experiment in classrooms all around the country. Our mission is to bring STEM education to underrepresented students in STEM and level the playing field. Giving students the ability to make their way out from generational poverty starts by exposing them to STEM concepts from an early age.

Contact Us to Get Started

We currently offer either a 1-day Vitamin C experience or a 3-day summer STEM boot camp. Please contact our office at (678)-785-9662 to learn more about the Vitamin C Project. As the project takes off, we hope to offer a variety of experiments in the future. Get in on the ground level and support STEM education for all students!

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