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Benefits of Earning a STEM Degree: Part 2

STEM is one of the fastest-growing fields in the United States. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This field comprises several professions, including construction services, architectural engineering, statisticians, etc. Pursuing a job in the STEM field comes with numerous benefits throughout your professional career.

A STEM education provides students with several advantages. Children exposed to STEM experiments gain increased cognitive thinking skills, higher creativity, and higher logic skills. Dr. Jenkins with the IRISE Research and Discovery Science initiative is bringing low-cost STEM experiments directly to your local classrooms. We provide all the training materials and supplies needed to perform a STEM experiment with your students.

Benefits of a STEM Degree

STEM degrees provide life-long benefits, including:

1. Job Flexibility

Securing a job in the STEM field allows the flexibility of landing a job in different fields. STEM is an interdisciplinary approach to learning, so multiple fields are covered throughout a STEM degree. For example, a student studying engineering must take numerous mathematics courses, so they would not only be constrained to a job in engineering. A STEM bachelor’s degree also opens the door to being able to pursue multiple graduate degrees. The possibilities are endless with a STEM degree.

2. Workplace Diversity

Women and minorities are still underrepresented in STEM fields. Dr. Jenkins with the IRISE Research and Discovery Science project is working to bridge this gap by providing STEM education to classrooms all throughout the United States. Women and minorities are encouraged to pursue STEM degrees, because of the increased number of opportunities that will be made available.

3. Job Growth

STEM jobs are increasing within the United States because our technology is continually evolving. Working a white-collar job in a STEM field allows for a more comfortable working environment than a low-paying retail job. A salaried job in the STEM field, on average, pays better and has better benefits than non-STEM jobs. Working in a STEM field will make your life more comfortable and allow for better benefits over the years.

Join the Vitamin C Project

Allow your students to fully explore their interest in the STEM field by participating in the Vitamin C Project with the IRISE Research and Discovery Science team. We partner with schools to bring a quality STEM experiment to your classrooms. Please contact our office at 678-785-9662 to learn more about what our program has to offer.

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