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Have You Heard of the Vitamin C Project?

The Vitamin C project is taking the STEM community by storm. Due to budgetary constraints, your school may not be able to perform research experiments on a regular basis. Dr. Sharron Jenkins created the IRISE Research & Discovery Science to bring low-cost STEM education to children of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

STEM education provides students with a solid foundation for important life skills, such as problem-solving and teamwork. It is crucial to offer hands-on STEM projects to children during this critical time in their development. Without STEM education, children will not have the same foundation for succeeding later in life.

What is the Vitamin C Project?

The first research experiment that the IRISE Research & Discovery Science offers is the Vitamin C project. This is the first project of many that the organization will have available for classrooms. The process to bring the Vitamin C Project into your school is easy as there are only two options to choose between. With the first option, your teachers will attend a one-day workshop where they will be instructed on the Vitamin C project. The teachers will receive all the necessary materials to perform the project with their students and can perform the experiment themselves.

The second option partners with local scientists to bring them into your classrooms. This option frees up the valuable time of your teachers and does not require them to attend a workshop. The scientists come directly to your classrooms to perform the experiment over a single day.

Both options are a one-day, 6-hour workshop by default. However, there is the option to extend the research experiment to a 3-day summer boot camp if your organization has the time to dedicate.

Contact Us to Learn More

The IRISE Research & Discovery Science is making it easy for students to receive a quality STEM education. We take care of all the materials, prep work, and set-up. Your teachers can focus on their set curriculum and leave the STEM education to us. Contact Dr. Jenkins at 678-785-9662 to learn more about what we have to offer. The Vitamin C project is only the first of many that we will have available. Get started with us on the ground floor, and we will only go up from here.

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